Herndon v. Sandpoint

Sunday, November 13, 2022

ISRPA submitted an amicus brief in the Herndon v. Sandpoint case that is currently pending before the Idaho Supreme Court. This is a tremendously important case for the future of your right to carry in Idaho. As you may know, Idaho has a very strong preemption law (18-3302J) which specifies that only the Idaho legislature can regulate firearms NOT cities and counties. The Sandpoint case concerns the city of Sandpoint trying to do an “end run” around Idaho’s preemption law by leasing city property to a private entity who bans carry during their event. This is an incredibly dangerous concept that has been utilized in Oregon and other states to dilute their right to carry in public. It isn’t hard to imagine an anti-gun city government using the artifice of a lease to effectively ban carry on all city property. ISRPA recognized the danger and the importance of this case and directed our attorneys to draft an amicus brief which was submitted and accepted by the Idaho Supreme Court. Stay tuned as this critical case moves forward.

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